Asus ‘ZenPower’ Bank launched in India, Starting at Rs.1,499

Asus has launched its Power Bank, ASUS ZenPower. It is light weight, credit card sized and heavy capacity Asus Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank in India. It is easily portable device, you can carry with you every day and your phone will never run out of power.  It has been launched in India with a starting price of Rs.1, 499 and available in multiple color options such as black, silver, pink, blue, and gold and has 10,050mAh battery capacity.


The all new ASUS ZenPower bank supports multiple charging ports so that several devices can be charged simultaneously. A smart phone with a battery capacity of 1500mA, 2000mA, 2500mA and 3000mA can be charged 4 times, 3 times, 2.5 times and 2 times respectively.

Besides this, it can also charge tablets with battery capacity of 4000mA, 4500mA and 5000mA for 1.5 times, 1.2 times and 1.1 times. It provides charging at 2.4A output and sports a PowerSafe technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits providing maximum safety while charging.

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