Flying Car Technology Turning in to Reality

Flying car 1

Self-Flying Cars Are On Their Way! Numerous projects are underway toward designing a flying car. One, started by German engineers , is rapidly working its way toward reality. The well-known automobile company announced its two-seater carplane prototype in a recent Aero Friedrichshafen general-aviation show. As per the trusted source, this carplane will have separate compartments for each passenger split down from middle by an open space where the wings will be stored when the automobile mode is on.

As per the Carplane engineer, the wings would need to be manually installed and removed like gliders, but they are claiming to launch a more powerful mechanism that would fold the wings and place it in the compartments at the press of a button.

The engineers further said that their innovative carplane, weighs just over 1,000 pounds and using two 151 hp cylinder piston engine, would allow having better aerodynamics and visibility on the road than other wing retraction methods. This flying car will take off in less than 300 feet and because of its four wheels design the car would be able to land in the same distance. This automatic vehicle churns out top speed 109 mph as a car and 138 mph as a plane, and cruising speed of 125 mph, will be certified as a light aircraft by 2018, or by 2017 if the weight limits are raised.

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